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Artica, Gateway Appliance

Artica is an Open Source Gateway Appliance that provides Proxy, DNS Firewall, Reverse-Proxy, DNS, DHCP .
Artica is available in Community Edition or Enterprise Edition, you have no reason not to test it!


File is an ISO format.
The most used

Virtual machines

Download virtual machines for the most popular hypervisors such as VMWare ESXi , Proxmox, HyperV...

Protect and control your network easily

Artica features

Advanced HTTP proxy

Create filtering rules based on network and web protocol elements, associate user accounts to your rules such as Active Directory, LDAP...


Make your own list or use our categorized websites lists to limit access to compromised sites (55 million referenced sites )


Our online reputation «The Shields» protects your users in real time from malware and viruses on the web.

DNS Firewall

Create rules like a firewall on the whole DNS protocol in order to modify DNS resolutions.
Provide an intelligent load-balancing system for your DNS infrastructure

Easy to handle

Our software is easy to use and you can find tutorials on the Youtube Channel or visit The official wiki site.

More features...

Reverse-Proxy, reverse-SSH proxy, VPN services, Proxy.pac generator, statistics are some of the many features that await you.

Artica can be implemented in any company

Artica adapts to all organization types

Artica provides its software to all structures wishing to protect its workstations and its users when they browse the Internet.


ARTICA covers companies of all sizes. Log backup allows companies to meet their legal obligations in this scope.

Schools, Colleges and High Schools

ARTICA protects students from offensive content and malware.
ARTICA has the right prices to effectively protect our children's surfing

Government organizations

ARTICA has adapted tariffs for public institutions (town halls, departmental councils, hospitals, etc.)

Practical, ergonomic and easy to use

A simple, complete and powerful gateway

Why Artica ?

Artica servers in the world

Discover Artica in numbers :

Installed servers
Protected workstations
Large Companies and organizations

Download ISOs Format

4.40x RC Version

Version 4.40 is currently the Release Candidate
It contains many features
It is recommended is you want to test Artica.

4.50x LTS

The LTS (Long Term Support) version is a stabilized version with 5 years of support.

3.06 old LTS

Version 3.06 is the old LTS version, still popular but no longer maintained by ArticaTech
Some customers use it..

VMWare ESXi 6.x

OVF can be used to install Artica on a VMWare ESXi 6.x server or higher

VMWare ESXI 6.5

OVF can be used to install Artica on a VMWare ESXi 6.5 server or higher.

Virtual machines

HyperV generation 2

The VHDX format can be used on Microsoft HyperV 2019 or higuer


The XVA Appliance can be used on a Citrix XenServer 6.5 or above

VMWare ESXI 5.5

OVA can be used to install Artica on a VMWare ESXi 5.5 server or higher.